Lead Midwifery OSCE Trainer - Midwife Jayne

Specialities - NMC OSCE Midwifery; CPD Midwifery Courses

A little bit about yourself

I am a NIPE trained, practising Midwife within the NHS and have been for over 10 years. I developed an interest in midwifery after having my daughter and have gone through a number of avenues in maternity, as well as practice development. I've been a labour ward coordinator and I've done public health... so lots of avenues of maternity.

Your academic background

BSc (hons) Midwifery - First Class

BSc (hons) Nursing

NIPE qualification

Mentorship qualification

OSAT qualification

Teaching experience

I have over 10 years of clinical practise experience, which includes the mentoring and support of midwifery students.

Why did you start teaching?

I really like training and teaching skills and sharing that knowledge and bringing other people along the journey of being a midwife because it's a good job.

Fun fact about me

Outside of work, I play and coach netball and I've run around being my daughter's taxi to too many football and netball bits and pieces.