Medical Educator - Dr. Puja

Specialities – PLAB 1 & 2 and Medical Student OSCE

A little bit about yourself

I am from South Africa and completed my education and 6 year medical degree in Johannesburg. Thereafter I worked for 3 years in the South African public healthcare system, 2 of which were the largest hospital in Africa. This experience moulded me into a hard-working, resilient and motivated doctor. I recently moved to the UK, completed the PLAB exams and gained GMC registration. I am anow excited about growing in my career in a manner where I can make a significant contribution to healthcare. I co-authored an article that was published in the Open Access Emergency Medicine JournalIn my spare time, I like to cook, travel and play the piano.

Your academic background


Diploma in Child Health

Multiple resuscitation courses

Why did you start teaching?

I started teaching as I love working with people and being able to help them achieve their goals.

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