Free NMC OSCE Materials

Nurses and midwives training at IELTS Medical gain access to a wide range of NMC OSCE materials as part of your preparation packages. Sometimes we speak with nurses who have tried to prepare themselves for the NMC OSCE by watching videos they find on the internet, but learned the hard way that some of the advice they’ve received is wrong. The internet is a great place for learning if you know where to look. Here, we’ve put together some of the FREE NMC OSCE learning materials that we recommend. These videos are valid and helpful for the current Test of Competence (Test of Competence 2021).


Assessment station:

Think Sepsis!


Taking Observations

Measuring Respiratory Rate by Health Education England:

Measuring Oxygen Saturation by Health Education England:

Measuring Blood Pressure by Health Education England:

Measuring Heart Rate by Health Education England:

Measuring Temperature:

Tools in the Assessment station

Completing your NEWS chart:

Completing your GCS tool:




Notes about this video: The handover in the NMC OSCE is done in person to the Examiner, so please disregard the information about communicating by phone.

Clinical skills station: ANTT by Health Education England

Notes about this video: You will be given a scenario (not a care plan) and you may be asked to assume all pre-procedure checks have already been done.

Clinical skills station: IM / SC injections by Health Education England

Clinical skills station: Peak Flow by Asthma UK

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