NMC CBT for Nurses

Our core CBT offering has each session centred around a particular aspect of the CBT exam. This includes - but is not limited to: blood transfusions; infection control; nutrition; interpretation of diagnostic tests; law and ethics; safeguarding children and the elderly; medicines management and drug calculations. Class sizes are maximum 10 nurses. Courses take place in person or online.
- Includes mock CBT examination.
- Individual feedback.

"IELTS Medical is an amazing institute. Very focused on providing the students what they need to get qualified / pass the various exams. Truly a caring environment. I was fortunate to be taught by Kristen - she was wonderful and the reason I passed my exam the first time."

- Nurse Rawinkal

"I passed my CBT and I'm now a step closer to registration."

- Nurse Sonja, Qualified in South Africa

We have an extensive network of alumni practising in London and Greater London and can assist you with securing your first post-registration job. We also supply several NHS hospitals and private healthcare providers that would like to meet you.

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