Lead Midwifery OSCE Trainer - Consultant Midwife Rebecca

Specialities - NMC OSCE Midwifery; CPD Midwifery Courses

A little bit about yourself

I am a practising Midwife with NHS, Community and Private Hospital experience. I have experience on both postnatal and antenatal labour wards supporting midwives to provide care to women in both low and high-risk pregnancies.

Your academic background

Diploma in Higher Education (Midwifery)

Teaching experience

I have over 20 years of clinical practise experience, which includes the mentoring and support of midwifery and medical students. I’ve also participated in the antenatal education of women and their families, including setting up and running of water birth classes and teaching of Hypnobirthing classes

Why did you start teaching?

I started teaching for many reasons; mainly because we have a professional responsibility to have good midwives delivering care. I love working with student-midwives and international midwives and making sure that they’re equipped to delivery the best care possible.

Fun fact about me

I have a very midwifery-type sense of humour, but outside of work I’m a child at heart and enjoy playing with my eight year old – jumping in the snow with our wellies & making forts!