Weekend Medical OSCE Student Bootcamp

General skills


• Blood culture collection

• Blood glucose measurement

• Blood pressure measurement

• Blood transfusion

• Cannulation

• Ear exam + otoscopy

• ECG recording

• Eye exam + ophthalmoscopy

• Female catheter

• Fluid chart –

• IM injection

• IV fluid administration

• Male catheter

• NG tube insertion

• Peak expiratory flow rate

• Prescribing –

• Subcutaneous injection

• Urinalysis

• Venepuncture

• Vital signs observation


Gynaecology skills

• Bimanual exam

• Cervical screening test

• Speculum

• Vaginal swabs


Surgical skills 

• Suturing


I'm a fifth year medical student and I have my OSCE finals in a few months. And this course was really helpful because they tailored it to what I needed. I gave them examples of how my university structures OSCEs and they adapted it to how my university does it, so it was really relevant and it was really useful.

They went through a lot of core skills that they don't really teach you in medical school. So, for example, how to do a proper handover, how to do a proper SBAR. We are taught the structure in medical school, but we're never actually shown a good example of what an SBAR is, or what a good handover is. And I learned those skills during this course and it was really helpful.

You get really specialized feedback on your performance and it really helps you recognize what your weak points are when it comes to OSCEs and what your strengths are. And it teaches you how to structure your OSCE format in a really effective way. And I feel like I gained a lot from this course. I would definitely recommend it to anyone that wants to get more practice for OSCEs.

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