English Department

We provide various General English, IELTS and OET courses for our medics. Our goal to help you to improve your English because we would like to support you to satisfy the English language requirements of the GDC, GMC, GPhC, NMC and RCVS.

IELTS Exam Preparation

As an organisation, we have been providing IELTS Academic training since September 2016. Our courses include full IELTS training and a focus on each individual skill when required. We have helped many overseas qualified healthcare professionals to the band scores they need for registration.

OET Exam Preparation

As a centre, we have been providing OET preparation since November 2017. We have helped many overseas qualified doctors and nurses to the grades they need for registration. We completed levels 1-4 of the OET Preparation Providers Program.

Crucially, all of our English tutors are degree holders and have Cambridge CELTA or TEFL qualifications as a minimum. The educators here are committed to your progression and are eager to help you at the start of your registration journey.

OET Exam Preparation

Books and Learning Materials

We produce textbooks, coursebooks, work books, mobile applications and video courses because we’d like to help you make the best use of your time. Enrolment onto any course with us entitles you to exclusive access to our Learner's Portal at learn.medicsportal.org.

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