Intellectual Property

It's in our DNA...

Here at IELTS Medical, innovation is part of our DNA and we ensure that we do it regularly.

We're always looking for ways to make medical education more efficient through technology and we regularly strive to make advancements in the field. When we improve or invent a process, we like to stamp our badge of origin on it, so you can count on the fact that the service or product in question is one we've meticulously planned and executed to high standards. Our intellectual property portfolio currently includes following:

Granted Trademarks

IELTS Medical


CBT Flex


IE Medical




VR Medi Gloves


VR-AI Medsets


Pending Patents

VR-AI Medsets

National Publication No: GB2598609
International Publication No: WO 2022/049364

VR Medi Gloves

National Publication No: GB2302583.6

Pending Trademarks





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