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Our core package includes Plab 1 and Plab 2 coaching and is led by UK medical doctors. Our 4-day Plab 1 booster will cover all of the general topics that you will require in order to pass this computer based, theory examination. You will then be given a mock examination to test your knowledge and understanding with a debriefing session afterwards that highlights any areas that you need to work on in order to ensure success on the big day. There's a maximum 6 doctors on the course, ensuring that you receive the individualised attention from your instructors.

After this, our 3 week Plab 2 course will provide you with the tools that you need to pass this Objective, Structured, Clinical Examination. Plab 2 is made up of 20 x 8-minute stations. The course includes simulated OSCE stations, using Plab 2 scenarios and highly experienced practicing GMC medical roleplay actors and actresses who provide medical roleplays for OSCE examinations. Our training is fully aligned with the GMC PLAB 2 Blueprint and adheres to the GMC Good Medical Practice guidelines.

We have an extensive network of alumni practising in London and Greater London and can assist you with securing your first post-registration job. We also supply several NHS hospitals and private healthcare providers that would like to meet you.

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