OET (Medicine) Speaking Guide for Doctors 2 - Remedy 2.0

OET (Medicine) Speaking Guide for Doctors 2

Includes Explanations of the marking criteria | Practice Roleplay Cards | Model Video Responses with Transcripts

ISBN: 978-1-9162105-6-1

Whilst preparing for the Occupational English test (OET), international doctors need to be able to understand what is expected of you in terms of OET communication. Doctors' "bedside manner" is very important in practice, and the OET assesses your English speaking ability, competency and efficacy. This guide - therefore - assists you with improving all three.

Our guide includes

· Skill building activities

· Speaking videos

· Critique of each performance

· 10 x practice roleplays for you to try

· Marking criteria mapping

· Common errors to avoid and top tips for exam success

· Suggested viewing

with everything collated to help you reach grade B and beyond in the speaking section of OET (Medicine).

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