How to Chart in the NMC OSCE (Adult; Childrens and Mental Health Nurses Edition) ** PRESALE**

This book is expected on/before 30th September 2021

ISBN: 978-1-915072-00-9


In order to succeed in the NMC’s Objective Clinical Examination (OSCE), overseas qualified adult, mental health and children’s nurses need to know how to use tools and charts as part of patient care. This includes a range of charts including NEWS Charts; PEWS Charts; GCS Charts; Fluid Balance Charts and Observation Charts also known as Temperature, Pulse and Respiration Charts (TPR). This book is a complete guide to charting for the OSCE.

How to Chart in the NMC OSCE is produced by IELTS Medical, a training centre for nurses and other healthcare professionals. Our writers and editors are NHS medical and healthcare educators who are experienced in preparing nurses for the NMC OSCE. Together we have produced an up-to-date guide on charting in the NMC OSCE to assist nurses preparing for the exam.  


Our guide includes:

• Key revision material of the essential facts and best practice.

• Advice on how to tackle charting in the NMC OSCE examination.

• Tips from nurses who have taken the examination.

• Common errors to avoid and top tips for exam success.

• Suggested reading.

Everything in this book has been collated  to help you pass the charting element of your Assessment or Physiological Observations stations in the NMC OSCE examination on your first attempt.