In Person or Online - here, the choice is yours

In Person or Online - here, the choice is yours

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Here at IELTS Medical, we offer in-person courses as well as equivalent online courses to accommodate our learner’s needs to the best of our ability. Outstanding results and convenience are at the top of our priority because we want to make sure that you pass the exam in the first try to relieve that burden off your shoulder, while making it possible for you to complete the course at convenient dates or locations.


The in-person course is most highly recommended as we can take you through realistic scenarios using our professional actors, assist you in using workplace equipment and guide you through the skills required. If attending physically would get in the way of your day-to-day responsibilities, you can take our online courses which have the same high-quality education as the in-person courses and where you can also have one-to-one sessions with our highly qualified tutors.


For the online learning you can access our pre-recorded videos which are aimed at both general learners but also advanced students. You can also pick our live online classes as mentioned previously where you will be supported by a tutor and will receive tailored feedback. Most learners have sessions three times or twice a week at almost any time as we our availability is from Monday to Sunday from 10 a.m. to 9.15 p.m. You can be sure that we can fit your sessions around your schedule as we understand that you may be busy.

In person

With in-person courses you can experience practice interacting with real patients (played by our actors) to help you hone the skills you will come across not just in the examination but into your career as a UK doctor, nurse or midwife. As you are there in person, we can easily assist you in the tasks to make sure that you understand what is required and the knowledge you will be tested on. Depending on the type of course you choose, the duration of the course will vary. For example, the OET for Doctors course will typically run for 3 weeks whereas the NMC OSCE for Adult Nurses is run for 3 or more days (up to 5 days) where you will practice the skills required using scenarios and mock tests.


If you have any questions please feel free to call us at 020 3637 6722 or get in touch with us here.

Our experienced and expert healthcare professionals lead a wide range of courses, including CBT, OSCE, IELTS and OET and we have supported over 4,890+ doctors and nurses through to the exam success they need to be able to work in the UK’s private and NHS healthcare systems. Here are some of our many testimonials.

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