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In association with Focus Active Learning Ltd, we will be delivering in person training to help nurses in the Kerala state to pass the NMC OSCE in one go. Across 14 days, the all inclusive course will cover the NMC OSCE exam for Adult (General) Nursing. The NMC OSCE course will also include books and digital learning materials, as well as a full mock exam delivered under timed conditions like the real NMC OSCE exam. This course is part of the Indian Government's initiative to upskill nurses in the Kerala state.

What is the NMC OSCE?

What is the NMC OSCE? section:

In order to practise as a nurse in the United Kingdom, you must complete registration with the Nursing and Midwifery Council (or NMC). This requires satisfying three stages: the English Language Stage (via IELTS or OET) and the two part Test of Competence (NMC CBT and NMC OSCE).

The NMC's Objective Structured Clinical Examination or NMC OSCE is a practical test that features 10 stations. Six of the stations are mandatory: Assessment; Planning; Implementation and Evaluation (or APIE) and Professional Values and Evidence Based Practice. The other 4 stations are skills stations from a possible 22 skills.

These are:
1. Administration of Inhaled Medication (AIM)
2. Administration of Suppository
3. Aseptic non-touch technique (ANTT)
4. Blood glucose monitoring
5. Bowel Assessment
6. Catheter specimen of urine (CSU)
7. Fine-bore nasogastric tube insertion
8. Fluid balance (FB)
9. In-hospital resuscitation
10. Intramuscular injection (IM)
11. Intravenous (IV) flush and visual infusion phlebitis (VIP)
12. Mid-stream specimen of urine (MSU) and urinalysis
13. Nasopharyngeal Suctioning
14. Nutritional assessment
15. Oral Care Plan
16. Oxygen therapy
17. Pain assessment
18. Peak expiratory flow rate (PEFR)
19. Pressure area assessment
20. Removal of urinary catheter (RUC)
21. Subcutaneous injection
22. Wound assessment

Virtual Reality and Artificial Intelligence

State-of-the-art Training Tools To Enhance Your Learning

VR Medi Gloves®

Unlike most VR programs, our trainees interact with the IELTS Medical virtual hospital through our VR Medi Gloves®. An alternative to joysticks, nurses will be able to practice as they would in the real world through our trademarked gloves that provide haptic sensations using 12 haptic sense points. Each finger has two sense points and the palm includes two sense points to deliver haptic feedback. Plus the gloves track movements in the virtual world to deliver very accurate results for up to 4 hours continuously.

We dedicate the first edition of the VR Medi Gloves® to the late Leshara Rambukwella who tragically passed away earlier this year. His legacy lives on and 10% of each sale of the VR Medi Gloves® will go to the Leshara Rambukwella Memorial Foundation.

VR-AI Medsets®

You will have access to our VR-AI Medsets® a fully boxed training kit that includes a VR headset with AI marking capability, haptic gloves and immersive simulations. This will allow you to apply and practice your skills using whole body movement rather than via a gamepad or joystick. We’ve built these kits to be habit forming products that will allow you to make regular training a part of their everyday routine.

You're Coming To The Right Place

Our team includes experienced Nurse Educators who are ready to help you pass the NMC OSCE.

100% Confidence

As part of our commitment to assist you with passing the NMC OSCE exam, we offer a guarantee to our course delegates. Most of our Nurses & Midwives pass the 1st time and if not, we'll help you until you do.

In Person & Online Courses

We're delivering training from a state of the art training centre in Thiruvananthapuram. If you can't travel to train in person, you can choose our online OSCE courses delivered live by our experienced OSCE trained nurses and midwives.

Training with Excellence

Our Educators have been selected for their collective expertise with the NMC OSCE. They undergo regular CTC training and maintain excellent pass rates.

Upcoming Dates

22nd July - 28th July

22nd July - 28th July in person, in hospital

Kerala state government loans available for the programs

This course is government approved and demonstrates the Indian government's commitment to fostering education and helping Indian nurses to realise their ambitions. The government is committed to catering to diverse needs and ambitions. If you would like to work as a nurse in the United Kingdom and seize the opportunities that the UK has to offer you, invest in your nursing career and embark on a journey to success, the you can do so with the support of accessible financial assistance from the state government.

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