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Clinical Educator (Nurses)

Central London, NW1 5RA

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IELTS Medical

IELTS Medical is an innovative, goal-oriented training centre with HQ in Central London. It's the training centre where ambitious healthcare professionals meet experienced educators to train with state of the art equipment in the UK's capital. The HQ is staffed by a hard-working and welcoming team who each understand the mission to make our world a better place... one healthcare professional at a time.

"IELTS Medical is an amazing place to grow as a valued, driven professional, especially for apprentices and students looking for opportunities to gain experience. Weekly training, staff outings & monthly reviews on your progress at the company as well as extra support through your studies. Such a fun and welcoming environment to start your career and I would recommend anybody considering working here to apply!"

Customer Service

Join our CS team providing 24/7 responses via LIVE Chat; eMail; text message; Whatsapp and phone.

Head Office

Our Central London HQ is a hardworking and welcoming hub for dedicated and hardworking professionals.

Regular Adventures

We believe that a happy team is a healthy team. Every month, we set aside time to engage in adventurous team building activities.


We believe in using state-of-the-art technology to help healthcare professionals reach their goals more efficiently and to make our day-to-day easier. Our systems are tailor-made to our company.

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